Friday, March 28, 2008

You like the song Samson

I am pretty sure many of you dont know the beautiful song Samson :]
well I do check out this video
You will fall in love with the song :]
Hope so
click here to check it out :]

Alyssa Bernal

Hey whats up guys. I am Alyssa Bernal. So I want to tell you a bit about me ok :]
My name is Alyssa Brianne Bernal, I am 18 years old and I lovee to sing! I am finishing up my last year in high school and when I’m done I will continue recording in Houston. A lot of people mistake me as Filipino but I am actually Hispanic, hehe. I have tried out for American Idol and didn’t get very far lol, but I don’t think anyone needs AI. Everyone’s better off in my opinion ;) I try to reply to as many messages and comments as possible; if i don’t reply I’m sorry! But sometimes it’s overwhelming. I DO try and read them all :D Thankyou everyone for your messages and comments and your continuous support! I hate rude comments! So I’ll backtalk lol ;) loooove, lyss